Giant Interactive (HK) Limited Coming To Taipei Game Show with 3 Fantastic Titles


The 2019 Taipei Game Show is right around the corner! After attending last year's E3 game show in the US, Giant Interactive (HK) Limited has three hot new titles debuting to the public: Pascals Wager, Night of the Full Moon, and Project Dunk!

Giant Interactive (HK) Limited is an international company committed to online interactive entertainment, internet finance, online medicine, and other fields. Hundreds of millions of yuan are invested in recruiting and supporting game development by Giant Interactive every year. Giant Interactive has produced mobile puzzle game Battle of Balls which has over 400 million users. New title Night of the Full Moon has just broken 10 million users, and recommended for other platforms, building an excellent reputation!

Pascals Wager is Giant's main promoted title for 2019. Currently, there are nearly 400,000 reservations for this title. A hardcore mobile action-RPG inspired by Dark Souls, Pascals Wager maximizes the Unity 3D engine's capabilities to create a next-gen mobile experience. Pascals Wager is an indie mobile game that feels like a high-quality console game, with smooth and natural controls and a symphonic, atmospheric soundtrack.

Pascals Wager takes place in a dark, violent world where survivors must fight to exist, exterminating monsters to dispel the darkness bit by bit. In the game's world, the harsh kill-or-be-killed mentality exists alongside everyday feelings to move players' hearts.

Pascals Wager has revealed six characters including main character Terrence, his partner Viola, and new faces Benita and Norwood, with character classes including Swordsmen, Archers, Mages, and more. Each of the characters has a unique weapon, combat style, skills, and techniques to master, bringing a multitude of unique experiences for players.

Night of the Full Moon is a roguelike deck-building game, an adventure that feels like a dark fairy tale. The visuals, soundtrack, plot, and card-based gameplay come together to bring an immersive and exciting experience. Night of the Full Moon has been globally recommended by the App Store and Google Play, and has been awarded Best Local Independent Game in 2017 by the App Store.

Currently, Night of the Full Moon has released six character classes, including Female Knight, Ranger, Witch, Nun, Magician, Pharmacist, and more! By the end of 2018, the game has more than 6 million players in China.

Finally, Project Dunk is a 3-on-3 street basketball battle game, focusing on hot-blooded action and sharp, technical play.

Giant Interactive would like to take this opportunity to show its strong support for these new titles at the 2019 Taipei Game Show. This is also a chance to bring Giant's hot new titles to an international stage! Please look forward to checking out Pascals Wager, Night of the Full Moon, and Project Dunk at the 2019 Taipei Game Show!